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Two Feathers Beauty LLC Founder and Owner

About Her:

I am Lakota Sioux and Lummi nation. I thrive to stand for what I believe in. I do my best to stay kind hearted, loving and generous but will tell you how it is if I have to. I am a mother of 9 children, and I have 1 grandson. I am wife, friend and proud Indigenous woman. Tradition is everything to me and I make sure I give my children and grandson the teachings.

Definitely recommend Two Feathers Beauty, they have high quality makeup, and the best customer service, friendly and fast shipping.

Miriam Millan

Christie , is a amazing woman that stands for what she believes in. Her and her husband have a amazing system on lives .. And if you ordered from them you know you are getting the lowest price and the best quality then you can find anywhere else, and the packaging when you receive your items are totally amazing.... so if you haven't seen one of her lives or checked out her website you are definitely missing out ... I truly don't know how they make any kind of profit because the prices are so low but their quality of the items are totally awesome.. I have never ordered from anyone that cares about their customers the way they do .. Actions speak louder than worder so order from her and see for yourself.

Donna Matthews

pure and honest. They promote positive vibes and always promote other women. I would rather buy and watch Christie than other sites where it's just a negative viewing. Love what you guys are doing keep up the great work.

Gina Schneider